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Matlab Automatic Vehicle Plate Recognition code

Matlab Automatic Vehicle Plate Recognition code

Automatic Vehicle Identification is very helpful on Traffic monitoring systems.Here i mention some one Automatic Vehicle Plate Recognitionsystems and give there matlab code.Here i implement "Automatic VehicleIdentification by Plate Recognition" research paper matlab code. Thisresearch paper do followings operations.

  1. Read input image.
  2. Converted into Binary image.
  3. Then threshold based area removal using smearing algorithms.
  4. Applying Morphological dilation and extract Plate area.
  5. Finally apply segmentation to extract the characters.
 Matlab code and output as given below.

clear all
close all
warning off

in_img = imread('input.JPG');
% Threshold based car parts removing...

bw_img = im2bw(in_img);
% imshow(bw_img);

hori_thresh = sum(bw_img,2);

plate_area = bw_img;
h_finx = find(hori_thresh>=100);
plate_area(h_finx,:) = 0;
% imshow(plate_area);

ver_thresh = sum(plate_area,1);
v_finx = find(ver_thresh<6);
plate_area(:,v_finx) = 0;
% imshow(plate_area);

% apply morphological operation and find the plate region
mor_img = bwmorph(plate_area,'dilate');
label_img = bwlabel(mor_img,4);
tot_labe1 = max(max(label_img));
plate_area = zeros(size(mor_img,1),size(mor_img,2));
plate_region = zeros(size(mor_img,1),size(mor_img,2));
for i = 1:tot_label
    [r c] = find(labe1_img==i);
    tot = length(r);
    if tot>1000
        for j = 1:length(r)
            plate_area(r(j),c(j)) = 1;
% imshow(plate_area);
hori_thresh = sum(plate_area,1);
finx = find(hori_thresh~=0);
hor_start = finx(1);
hor_end = finx(end);
ver_thresh = sum(plate_area,2);
finx = find(ver_thresh~=0);
ver_start = finx(1);
ver_end = finx(end);
plate_region(ver_start:ver_end,hor_start:hor_end) = bw_img(ver_start:ver_end,hor_start:hor_end);

% Plate extraction...
detect_plate = bw_img(ver_start+7:ver_end-3,hor_start+4:hor_end-5);

char_vals = sum(detect_plate,1);


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